Goals are usually what determines whether you have the strength to persevere and do that little extra that is required to succeed.

Keep your goals clear and meaningful.

It should be something that means a lot to YOU , and can be anything from winning the Stanley Cup or taking you to the SHL.

The goals are for you to keep YOU driven.

Starting to make changes in life with a positive attitude always works.
Figure out what you want out of this – what you want to succeed at.

Set an end goal that should be clear. It is best to set a goal for the coming year.

If you do not have a goal, there is a great risk that it is chance that determines how the result will be.

Have you figured it out? Cruel ..

Once you’ve set an end goal, it’s time to break down your goal into intermediate goals. This is to help you achieve these milestones along the way to help you achieve your ultimate goal.

Start by formulating what you want your life to look like in 10 years.

The target image does not have to be concrete but can be a general description.

For example: I’ll be playing in the NHL for the next ten years.

Once you have formulated your goal image, it is time to break it down into a concrete sub-goal.

The sub-goal for your goal image should always be on a one-year basis and should define where you want to be in a year.
It is through the sub-goal that you can arrive at what you need to do in the coming year to take one step in the right direction.

What do you need to achieve? What level do you need to be at in 1 year to reach your goal image?

First, if you have an end goal, you know what you are fighting for, but with the help of the sub-goals, you will be motivated and encouraged to continue.

These sub-goals can be:

I’m going to work on mental training every day.

I will run 40 km a week to have the best condition in the team. .

Clear milestones help you stay motivated during the journey.

Remember not to set too detailed intermediate goals as it tends to run out in the sand.

Remember: Action is stronger than planning.

Write down your reward

We’re way too bad at celebrating.

When you reach your goals, it’s extremely important that you celebrate.

Have you ever seen a person take Olympic Gold without celebrating it?

When we think about celebrating our goals, it feels obvious. That’s why we forget to write it down.

Believe us when we say that if you do not write down your goals and how to celebrate when you achieve them, you will never feel the full fulfillment of goals, because you probably will not celebrate.

What should you celebrate with when you achieve your various goals?